Our dinky rooms

Big room

Our big room is for children aged over 3 years. here children build resilience, knowledge and independence through their love of play and exploration. our big room staff work alongside parents and schools to ensure your child's needs are met in preparation for the nursery to reception transition.

little room

Our little room is for children aged 2. In this room we have specially designed areas to promote independence and spark interest. imagination is key and our provision is designed to inspire minds.

Baby Room

The baby room is for children from 0-2 years. it is a cosy area full of a diverse range of resources for exploring the senses and developing the skills for early learning. In this room our staff members are highly trained and qualified to provide the best safe and caring environment for babies.

outdoor provision

we have a huge playground full of equipment and resources to promote physical development. We recognise the impact fresh air and outdoor experiences have on the development and wellbeing of children. We try and spend as much time as possible in the beautiful surroundings we have in Ravenstonedale.

the 2-3 room and the baby room both have attached outdoor areas which are easily accessible throughout the day. these areas offer vast opportunities for age appropriate learning where senses are stimulated and fun is a priority.

our newly refurbished dinky garden celebrates the great outdoors through messy play, growing vegetables, bug hunts and many more exciting activities.